100 word challenge week #13

It was the grand finals of Chess Boxing. Who will win? The Big Burns or Hawk Claw the match has a begun Hawk Claw gets the first hit. It's been 20 min and the Big Burns has lost all his knights. 45 min into the finals Hawk Claw has lost one bishop and four prawns. The game has gone on for an hour and no changes. Nothing has been effecting each other still. They decided to take a 15 min break to regain energy. the match has gone on for two hours and 46 min but they were exhausted and in pain. They both fainted.

Week #3 100 Word Challenge

There is a boy named Liam. He was going out with his dad and his brother Jake. While he was walking he found a wet note on the ground. It had a location on it. It said left on Dans pizza right on Vans.They decided to go to the place.When they arrived they saw nothing around two minutes later   purple gas appeared...But age seemed to be going backwards... Liam was 12 but now hes 7, his dad was 47 but now hes 35, Jake was 13 but now hes 9. but then someone came and spoke, and the immunition dissapered along with the man. Then all went back to normal.